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Level Access showers are mainly a cost effective way of having a level floor access to a bathing area, with no steps or trip hazards, a non-slip safety floor covers the entire area of the bathroom.

It usually takes around 5 - 7 working days to produce a full bathroom from removing your old one to vacuuming up after your new one.

These floors can also be used for people in wheelchairs [does not damage floor] or the elderly or disabled that may need a seated area when bathing either freestanding or fixed.

You can have half height screens for a secondary person to help you with bathing but staying dry at the same time.

There are a selection of things you can have to personalise your room for example, heated towel rails, glass screens, half height screens, built in shelfing, the list goes on and on.

As well as the obvious tiles, flooring, toilet, sinks, units you can still even have a bath in the room if someone prefers a bath.

Any questions get in touch and we will do our best to answer or solve them for you. 

Stage 1;Removal of old bathroom and fittings

Stage 2;Level Deck, Tiling & Plumbing

Stage 3;Flooring, Fittings & Electrician

Stage 4;Sealing up, Painting & FINISHED!!

Afew other finished bathrooms we have done below